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2022-2023 Season


Our 6th Season has developed out of asking "who are we?" Ensemble Lyrae has spent many months reflecting, questioning, and enjoying the discovery of who we are and what we want to bring to the world. Our name was chosen for the constellation Lyra, comprised of five stars, and is associated with Orpheus and his lute. As our constellation shifts in time, we welcome a new light and new sound!

With the naked eye, approximately 6,000 stars can be seen in optimal conditions. It's no wonder that these tiny balls of gas have fascinated humans for centuries and been invaluable to prophets, sailors, and ancient civilizations, not to mention inspiration to countless poets, composers, and artists alike.

Ensemble Lyrae's 2022-2023 Season, "Star Light, Star Bright," uses the stars to guide our music and storytelling. The simplicity of the timeless nursery rhyme might seem trite in these trying times, but we find that simplicity is clarity.

In our December concert program "Star Light," we will explore a myriad of references to stars, celestial light, and the radiance cast upon the earth in a seasonal celebration of song. We will share music by Dan Forrest, Craig Courtney, Jason Robert Brown, Sarah Quartel, Leonardo Ciampa, John Jacob Niles, and many more.


There are two opportunities to enjoy this night of heavenly light: 

Sunday, December 11 at 4:00 PM

Shirley Meeting House

41 Brown Rd., Shirley, MA

Saturday, December 17 at 7:00 PM

St. John the Evangelist Parish

2254 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA


Christmas at Mechanics

Wednesday, December 14 12:00 PM

Mechanics Hall

321 Main Street, Worcester, MA


Star Bright

Wonderful things are in the works for our Spring 2023 concert, "Star Bright." As the title implies, this concert will compliment our December offering, focusing on humanity's connection to the stars and celestial bodies and the general wonder they inspire in us. More details are forthcoming, so stay tuned!




Welcome, Lea Peterson, Soprano 2!

Lea Peterson is a Boston-based singer, music director, vocal arranger, and voice teacher. As a classically trained mezzo-soprano Lea has an active soloist and ensemble career as well as being a sought-after private voice coach, teaching artist, and conductor.


Read more about Lea HERE



Ensemble Lyrae is excited to bring Lea on board this season, and we look forward to making music with her!

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